Submission Guidelines

General Formatting

Manuscript should be submitted to Neuro electronically in Word format. The manuscript should be formatted to generate double-spaced at standard A4 paper size, using a 12-point font. The recommended font is Arial. The manuscript should be numbered on top right. The authors are expected to submit their articles after grammar correction and proof reading.

Submission Contents

Cover Letter

The cover letter should briefly describe the idea behind your work and specify  your audience. The word limit is 500 words.

Title Page

The word limit for title page is 100 characters in length including spaces, punctuation, and subtitles. Provide a word count for the entire paper, abstract and manuscript and a character count for the title (including spaces and punctuation). It must include number of references, tables, and figures.The title page should include the names of the authors, academic degrees and their institutional affiliations. Include the name, address, telephone number, fax number, and e-mail address of thecorresponding author. The email of coauthors should be listed and the principal investigator must be specified.


Structured abstracts with a word limit of 250 words should be submitted. The abstract should be structured as objective, methods, results ad conclusion. Classification of evidence must be added if the manuscript is about interventional study.

Tables, Figures and Pictures

Tables, figures and pictures should be appropriately included in the appendix. They should be arranged in three separate headings of tables, figures and pictures.

Word Count of Manuscripts

Case reports should not exceed 2000 word count, the word count limit for letter to editor is 500 words and for other submission the word count for other submissions is 4000 words. This excludes the cover letter, title page and abstract.

Disclosure and Conflicts of Interest

Disclosure and conflict of interest should be clearly stated in the appendix.

Reference Style

All the articles submitted to Neuro must be referenced in Vancouver style.


The Acknowledgment section lists those who can not qualify as authors or co investigators( e.g. in datacollection). The role of the contributor must be specified. The author may use this section to thank individuals who advised or guided the author/s.

Other Documents

Any other information that does not fit the above categories should be included in this section.

Please submit journals to and