Message from the editor

The world of Neurology is evolving every day and we are putting up a humble effort to update neurophysicans and neurosurgeons, with the third edition of Neuro – A Peer Review Journal of Neurology. This year we decided to highlight new ideas and published two original ideas of dopamine treatment in stroke and phenobarbital for prevention of raised intracranial pressure in malignant infarcts. They have been addressed in Op Ed section and in case report sections respectively. Another rare case report of cerebral venous thrombosis is also published which occurred after treatment of sinonasal undifferentiated carcinoma. The section of original papers presents research work on Parkinson’s disease (PD). It explores association between PD and sleep disorders, which renders a significant impact on cognitive and functional morbidity.

The Op Ed section addresses another topic on a new subspecialty in Nepal, where neurointervention has been just been introduced. The subspecialty of neuointervention is indeed need of the hour in Nepalese perspective. As it changes the way we understand neurological disorders and neurointervention offers new options for patients and physicans. Most observable being low complication rate and significantly shorter hospital stay. The zeal of neurointervention is a welcome opportunity for patients, physicans and healthcare providers and so are its cost implications and high expertise requirements.

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Dr. Samarth Singh
M.D., F.I.N.S., M.B.A.
A Peer Review Journal of Neurology