Instruction for Authors

Neuro is a online peer review journal of Neurology. Neuro is a non profit journal and invites articles from authors. Neuro accepts articles from all the sub specialties of neurology. Authors are recommended to submit articles that will help physicians to update current practices with recent advances. We also encourage articles that provide information on daily clinical practice. Neuro is an annual publication. We accept articles in categories case reports, systemic analysis, meta analysis, randomized controlled trials,open label studies, cohort study case control study, cross sectional study and letter to editor. Other study designs can also be submitted for evaluation.

Definition of Authors

Neuro identifies a contributor as an author who has made an intellectual contribution to creation of the manuscript. Individuals involved in conceptualizing, designing, data analysis, drafting and editing of manuscript are considered authors. However principal investigator, corresponding author and co authors must be specified in the submission.

Changes in Authorship After Submission

The corresponding author is allowed to propose changes in status of author/s. The corresponding author must provide an explanation for the new change and explain why the change is sought. Letters of agreement must be sent to the Neuro office by email signed by new authors and the authors who are omitted. This also includes making appropriate changes in title page, abstract and the manuscript.

Review Process and Decision Regarding Publication

Your article will go through a process of peer and editorial board review. Neither the peer reviewre nor the author names will be disclosed to each other. The decisions of the editorial board will be final and is not subject to contest in any form by the author/s.

Disclosure and Conflicts of Interest

At the end of the manuscript any relevant disclosure and conflict of interest should be stated.

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